I am a sculptor as a painter and a painter as a sculptor. The shortest formula for my art is: figural, realistic and distanced. I place myself in the tradition of 20th century realism from Otto Dix to Alfred Hrdlicka, without being limited to it.
Because I have to close my eyes to see reality better, I have to step out of society to be able to recognize it. Then it appears to me as an almost unbearable chain of endless Darwinist struggles for the Survival of the Fittest. In my artistic work, I juxtapose this dystopia with resistant heroes. Love is sometimes the answer after all.
As a sculptor, I work with chisel and hammer in direct carving technique stone and plaster. Plaster and clay I also use for modeling technique. I paint with oil, acrylic and watercolor, but also digitally on my iPad. The link between my works in the different techniques consists in their content position, because style for style’s sake does not interest me.
And at times I then take the blue pill from Morpheus and paint landscapes and still lives. Nevertheless, I also try to design these works in such a way that a crack in the matrix remains palpable.

Helmar Matthias Bazinger 2023