About me

Helmar Matthias Bazinger, 2021, digital

Like all children, I painted and drew. I just stayed with it.

My work helped me to put some order into an intransparent world.
Probably the  earliest painting I drew in an mature way was a wax crayon drawing done at the age of 12. It shows my first unfullfilled love. At that moment it was essential to get the control of my life back.
Looking at the drawing I can evoke the feelings that dominated me back than. Until today, I have worked that way.

If ever an autobiography of me should be published it would be made up. I cannot reconstruct my past well. It could be that the past does not mean a lot to me.
But my pictures are helping me to get some orientation. What worries me that  I have to depict. The more I get distressed the more I have to create a picture of it.
Therefore my style is mostly realistic. Only that way I have the chance to understand what moves me.
My works are created by observing attentively with eyes closed shut.

Vienna 2021

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