Normally I come across paintings of flowers walking through the collections of  art museums. I was regularly fascinated when I saw flowers shining in front of a dark background. It seemed to me as if they existed in their own dark hidden world from where they emerged into the light. Often they carry concealed to the first sight in the twilight symbols of transitoriness like butterflies, the messengers of transformation. Yes, I do love this atmosphere.

When I leave my house close to the entrance there is a kiosk selling flowers. The owner greets me and I reply. He is in his shop from morning to evening in the cold and the heat. Selling flowers is a tough job. Also to produce them. For example on African soil irrigated by scarce supply of water and robbed from subsistence farming. This is were the beauties come from I put in vase on the table.

I want to be aware of that buying flowers.

Sometimes I just pick flowers while hiking or take pics. And then I paint.

A step further is imagining flowers. The transition from sight, the view at something to imagination, the view inside means to me one of the most important process in art. The sooner or later I will imagine things. But at the same time it is important to me to work with real objects, with nature to stay in touch with reality.

I want to paint flowers with a sufficient degree of reality that they are recognised as flowers. And abstract enough to be known as mine.

Wien, 2021

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